MANUALS are Samples and test series of images, objects and conditions, which we investigate based upon their aesthetic potential; the significance of meaning derived from material properties. The discourse of this investigation is essential, as the focus is process-oriented.

While, MANUALS are first established in ideas and interpretations prior to the final manifestation, the particular positions in its realization are critical to examine to further explore the aesthetic fruition. This of course is where Artistic Consesus acts as a method to transform the raw nature ideas into a force of artistic action.


This discourse oriented formulation of Artistic Consensus is considered as an artistic act as defined by Duchamp, thus rejecting the genuine act of idiosyncratic creativeness. That since the basis of this, the individual mental process, is merely seen as an emancipation of the own from the greater dominant – collective – perceptive collective, the focus must be on the process of the collective.


It is through this thought process that we consider the basic material firstmost as an abstract transmitter of meaning before the process of consensus. This is then accompanied via aesthetical reassignment to find a final form. A deeper look reveals the sequencing of developed forms of expression is the essential keystone in the production of manuals, since it is the process by which context, perceptions, and the multitude of complex associations, obsessions and ideas within this system converge to a singularity via manifested art-forms. The full beauty is then revealed in the deep artistic act of consensus, as pointed out by Duchamp.